Kirsten Taylor

CEO | Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Health Researcher and Sleep Specialist

About: I am mad about sleep, getting people to sleep, improving sleep and making super cool sleep formulations that make people’s lives better.

I wasn’t always such a sleep enthusiast but after being in my Naturopathic clinic for 7 years I couldn’t deny the irrefutable evidence that not sleeping impacts on every single body system. We all know that now because the science has caught up and everyone is going on about it – which is a very good thing. For me, discovering that sleep is so important, early on and focussing on it so that I can positively impact on every aspect of people’s lives drives me to keep going. I LOVE helping people be healthier and happier. I am determined to take SleepDrops to the world so we can help as many people as possible sleep better. Imagine what a fantastic world we will have?!

Alastair Russell

Global Sales Manager

About: Alastair has over 20 years of experience in the Health, Fitness and Wellness industry and specialises in developing and maintaining strong customer partnerships in a global setting. Alastair prides himself on being a values based, genuine and transparent relationship manager who enjoys connecting with others and working towards shared goals. He is passionate about working for SleepDrops International as he has personally experienced a transformation in his sleep and health using our products. He is proud to offer these amazing products globally to achieve our mission of helping the world lead healthier, happier lives.

What is something people don’t know about Alastair? Alastair has worked with New Zealand’s heavy weight boxing champion, David Tua for many years but never stepped in the ring with him.

Estelle De Beer

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Dr Estelle De Beer has been the head of the SleepDrops® Sleep and Wellness Centre for two years specialising in our difficult sleep cases. Our specialist clinic is where we work alongside Sleep Physiologists and specialists who are an integral part of our research team. Estelle qualified from the Durban University of Technology (South Africa) in 2007, as a Doctor of Natural Medicine. Dr Estelle has been in consulting and treating patients since 2007 but has been working in holistic health care since 2003.

Jenny Stewart

Global Content Manager

Jenny Stewart is a Registered Nutritionist who graduated Otago University with  a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Health, a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology and Human Nutrition aswell as a Bachelor of Physical Education. Jenny has a strong background in research and content development from ten years working in public health and four years in corporate wellness. Jenny calls herself a ‘pracademic’ breaking down complex science into simple key messages. Jenny is passionately obsessed with sleep after an ongoing battle with insomnia throughout her life.